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Message Audio

Admonish Everyone With Tears

Speaker: Nathan Eads

Small Group Questions

You can put your answers directly into the form below and then email it to yourself OR you can click on the Small Group Question button to access a PDF to print.


Q1  - What is the most exciting thing you have coming up this summer?

Q2 - Even if it wasn’t an official leadership position, share about someone who has been a spiritual leader/mentor in your life.


Q3 -What is one thing that you learned, or that struck you anew, in the message this week?

Q4 - Nathan brought up the term “above reproach” from Titus 1:5-9.  Reproach is tricky, because to some degree reproach is in the eye of the beholder (for example, what is considered above reproach in modesty today may not have been considered as such 100 years ago).  How much do you think a person is responsible to take into account other people’s opinions/perspectives when it comes to being above reproach?

Q5 -In Titus 1:8-9 the text shifts from what disqualifies a leader to the positive traits that qualify them.  Share one of those positive traits and why it is so valuable in a leader.

Q6 -On the topic of growing/developing leaders from within the church body, consider for a moment who Jesus chose as leaders.  Share a thing or two that stick out to you about who Jesus chose to be an apostle and/or how He developed them?


Q7 - Nathan laid out 3 items for Leadership Development here in the Cascades Family: Learn to Apologize, Lead up the Chain of Command, and Assess your Spiritual Development.  Of these three, where do you identify a need for growth personally?  How do you think you could work toward that growth?