At Cascades small groups are the best way to connect with others and grow your relationship with God.  Now is the time to get connected with a sermon based small group.  Below are the open groups with links to their bio and the sign up page.


Sunday - 6:15 pm -

Every other week

5014 Ikram Oaks Dr.

Jackson, MI  49201

Kent and Marilyn have attended Cascades ...



Monday - 6:30 pm

3513 Natural Lane

Jackson, MI  49203

Mark and Katie have been married for 10 years and have 4 kids ...


Saturday - 6:30 pm

11211 Easton Rd.

Rives Junction, MI  49277

Nathan and Traci Eads have been married for 24 years.  They are also busy ...

This page is where we host all the information you need to keep you on top of small group happenings.  Audio of the message will be uploaded at the end of the Sunday Morning Worship Service.

Give Us A King: The Disturbed King

Speaker: Mark Worth

Small Group Questions

You can put your answers directly into the form below and then email it to yourself OR you can click on the question button to access a PDF to print.


Q1 - If you could give one sentence of advice to your 7 year old self, what would you say?


Q2 - The message this week covered a broad overview of much of Saul’s life.  What is an aspect of his life that you can sympathize with, or relate to?

Q3 - In 1 Samuel 15, Saul fails to obey the clear command of God through Samuel.  What do you see which led Saul to directly disobey the command of the Lord?

Q4 - Early in his kingship, Saul fears the opinions of his army and the elders, but the longer he reigns the more he instills fear into the people whom he leads.  Read 1 Samuel 12:13-15 and discuss how the fear of the Lord should have affected Saul’s relationship to fear with others.

Q5 - Pastor Mark related the phrase “to obey is better than sacrifice” in 1 Sam 15:22 to the statement “I desire mercy, not sacrifice” Hosea 6:6 & Matt 9:13.  Another similar (yet different) statement is given in Psalm 51:16-17.  After reading these passages, how do you make sense of lack of pleasure in the sacrifices that He Himself commanded?


Q6 - Saul was the leader that God gave the nation of Israel, but he was inconsistent, impulsive, and volatile.  When we think about leadership in our lives, why is consistency and stability so important?

Q7 - The Israelites wanted a king like the nations around them, and they got it in Saul.  He wasn’t a blessing to the people, but rather a volatile/disturbed ruler.  What is a time in your life that you got what you asked for, but it wasn’t a blessing because it didn’t lead you toward loving God and loving others?