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Message Audio

Don't Be Afraid, Only Believe

Speaker: Chris Garrow

Small Group Questions

You can put your answers directly into the form below and then email it to yourself OR you can click on the Small Group Question button to access a PDF to print.


Option A: Have you ever experienced a paralyzing fear?  

Option B: Click the PHOBIA button below for fun and share with the group a strange phobia you have.    


The word φοβέω (phobeō) has a broad semantic range in the scripture; however, the etymology of the word is followed through to the English to be a phobia, a paralyzing fear, an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. 

Q1 - One way to better understand a narrative is to put yourself in the story and ask questions.  Imagine the extreme fear of losing a child being realized, you had come to Jesus, and he was busy with another as your daughter died.  He turns to you and says, “do not fear, trust me”.  How do you think you would respond to Jesus? 

Q2 - Why do you think Jesus only allowed three of his disciples to come with him to raise Jairus daughter (Mark 5:37)?


Q3 - Click the I CORINTHIANS 15:12-19 button to read the passage.  Does Paul really mean that without the resurrection, all of our faith is useless?  What about the wrath of God poured out upon Jesus at the cross, why would that still not be valid? 


Q4 - In Paul’s day, and in ours, most attacks on Christianity will be against the historical evidence of Jesus and the Resurrection.  Click the BLOG button to read and then discuss.

Out of the 12 reasons given for proof of the resurrection, which one can you best to use when talking with an unbeliever? 


Q5 - How does the truth of Jesus resurrection power strengthen you in times of weakness and fear?  

Q6 - Is fear of failure holding you back from anything? 

Q7 -Do you have 3 people in your life, like Jesus did, that will follow you into battle?