GriefShare Groups @ Cascades


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New Group begins

Saturday, September 7 @ 10:00 am 


At GriefShare you’ll receive valuable guidance and tips, leading you to relief, comfort, and peace of mind.

Support Group

A GriefShare support group is a safe, welcoming place where people understand the difficult emotions of grief. Through this 13-week group, you’ll discover what to expect in the days ahead and what’s “normal” in grief. Since there are no neat, orderly stages of grief, you’ll learn helpful ways of coping with grief, in all its unpredictability—and gain solid support each step of the way.


Each weekly GriefShare group begins with a 30-minute video featuring respected experts on grief-related topics and helpful stories from people who have experienced loss. Their insights will help you manage your emotions, gain clarity, and find answers to your questions as you walk through the grief process.

Helpful Book

Your participant guide serves as a road map on your grief journey. This book helps you process your emotions and experiences and cope with the loss. You’ll apply what you’ve heard in the group and gain tools to deal with complicated grief.

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GriefShare Testimonials:

Here's what Cascades GriefShare participants are saying about the program.

GriefShare has had a very positive effect on my life.  It is Christ centered.  The only way to get through grief is to have Jesus at your side.

The best part of the Griefshare videos was the real life stories from others that are grieving and being able to share with people who understand.

My favorite part of GriefShare was the group sharing time.  It gave me courage to move forward.  Make sure this is offered again to others!

For more information or to register for the Fall Grief Share Group click the REGISTER button.